Free Wigs for Caner Patient Project @ Aliwigs

Aliwigs has been opening for more than 10 months, A lot of orders worldwide come to aliwigs in the past 10 months, which makes us believe that there is a much bigger market a head of time as well as more work to improve; when it comes to self-improvement, we have to ask help from customer’s reviews about aliwigs;

Among all the Aliwigs reviews, one message in the review caught our CEO’s eye, here is the following message:

I am a cancer patient and suffer a tight budget, I urgently need a wig, so I asked your customer service rep if it was possible for a patient care discount; he told me that there is no patient care discount and he has to ask manager for permission on this kind of discount; anyhow, I am running out of time and ordered a wig soon with the original price; to my surprise, the customer service rep named forrest emailed me and told me I can have 20% off as a cancer patient discount. I told him I already paid with original price, but he said he would refund me the corresponding money back to my account as discount and he did.

This short story or review made us realize that a wig business entity should do something beyond business, so aliwigs decided to launch our Free Wigs for Caner Patient Project on 24th of Feb, 2015, we would offer 30 free Wigs for Caner Patient with our brand wigs each month;

All you need to do is contact by email titled Free Wigs for Caner Patient Project , our customer service rep would instruct you to get a free wig ( Shipping need to be paid which is $19.99). please notice, 30 wigs each month, if you are the ones after 30th, you have to contact us next month.

Aliwigs Join Hands with Nawomi wigs

Nawomi wigs is one of the most popular brands in synthetic wigs whoes material is KANEKALON imported from Japan, //

KANEKALON is more expensive compared with Heat friendly Fibre, cause it is more close to real human hair, not as shiny as heat friendly fibre;

To reach more customers worldwide, Nawomi wigs joins hand with on Jan 16th of 2015, customer can buy Nawomi wigs on aliwigs now, this would make worldwide customer get Nawomi Brand in a much quicker manner as well as easy payment process.

Buy Nawomi wigs, please visit

Hair extensions online Stores

When you are searching for hair extensions online, there would be more than 1000 stores selling hair extensions? the problem is which ones would be your candidates store for hair extensions?  when it comes to this question, that is really up to your purpose for the product.

If there is no budget concerns and you are buying yourself hair extension and closures, a local salon would be a top choice as they can install perfect on you, and you are entitled to instruct them install the hairs they way you want and get yourself satisfied before leaving.

While if you are got a tight budget and would also want to have some quality hair extensions, aliexpress or wish, ebay and amazon would be a good choice, with a bit more time and selecting, you  may find a good store selling great products with low price.

More, if you a busy person and do not have much time for salon, or you are a online shopper, some professional online stores would be meet your requirment, stores like or waomihiar offering high quality hair extensions and closures with hassle free returning policy.

Apart from the above metioned purposes, one may buy hair extensions as a gift for friends or relatives, some may buy it as gift for their other half, then aliwigs would be your perfect choice for they always had their products beautifully packaged, plus the quality is great, it would never fails to serve your gift purpose.

Aliwigs Join Hands with Globe Bill on accepting Credit Card Payment

Aliwigs join hands with globe bill on accepting credit card payment on November 1st.

With the help of globe bill on accepting credit card payment on, it became more convenient and easier for worldwide buyer to pay on aliwigs, so far, we accept Visa, Master card, JCB card with our credit card gateway.

If you are happened with a Discovery or American Express, do worry, we have paypal for you, you can choose paypal to pay with your Discovery or American Express Credit Card.

If payment just can not get through with any of your card, what to do?  Aliwigs still have Western Union for you to choose, just go to any of your local western union branch and make the payment, then offer us the MTCN, your name, the amount and country you based, then we would confirm they payment and perpare the items for you, simply and easy, aliwigs is with you.

Return Policy and Replacement Policy on ALiwigs

Return & Replacement Policy

Return Policy on Aliwigs

1. All you need to do is email us and tell us what the problem is, and then get a returning code and shipping address from us

2. Send it back to us and email us the shipping courier you use and the tracking code

3. Once got the products from you, we would process refund as soon as possible

Notice: All the products on our website are free shipping that means we pay shipping for the product to reach you, once you want to return, the returning fee is

shouldered by you.

Replacement Policy on Aliwigs

1. Inform our customer service rep that you want an exchange and get your exchange code and returning address

2. Send the product to the designated address and email us the courier you use as well the tracking code

3. Once got your item, we would arrange exchange for you.

Notice: all wigs are custom made, most part of the manufacturing are hand work, so it takes time, check the processing time of the product you exchange for

before doing so. Exchange shipping fee should be paid by customer

Hot textures for hair extensions

How many textures in market applied on hair extensions, there are more than 100 types according to different standards, we don’t need to know them all, aliwigs would share the most commenly used textures for hair extensions in this article.

The most seen ones on market are boody wave, loose wave, loose curl,straight, deep wave, Brazilian curl,  Kinky straight, Yaki, Kinky curl and Deep Curl. most of online hair extension stores would have most of them or even all of these textures, for example, you can find all these on

Apart from above-mention textures, there are a few more are getting popular recently,like natural wave, loose curl, jerry curl, afro curl, water wave, 22mm curl, french wave, sassy curl, spring curl, all this texture are getting more and more popular in the end of 2014, and we believe it would have a great market and demand in 2015, aliwigs can offer all these textures as they cusom make hair extensions.

How to tell the differences of different textures of hair extensions, you may refer the following picture offered by


Halloween Promotion Code LOVEALWIGS

Halloween is coming, Here comes Halloween promotion on aliwigs too. it is once in a year, enjoy the promotion and get your desired product from aliwigs.

We issued a coupon code “LOVEALIWIGS” of $10 for every customers, just like the coupon code says, LOVE ALIWIGS, aliwigs would love you back and offer great discount; new or regular, can enjoy $10 off for every product, it you are a hair replated product user, do not miss this chance, at least go check aliwigs for your potentioal needs or potential gifts for friends and relatives.

The coupon are supposed to put in the shopping cart, and it can apply to every last of product on aliwigs, it would stay for use till the end of the halloween.

Time for Halloween shopping, what are you waiting for?

Buy wigs, hair extensions, and lace closures as gift for friends

If you want buy wigs, hair extensions, and lace closures as gift for friends, family members or relatives, Aliwigs would be your best choice as we dedicated to offer hair-related-product gifts. The following 4 sides serve as the reasons;

  1. The Quality of our products are very good, it’s up to the standard of gifts.
  2. The package of our products are very beautiful, Exquisite gift box are used for every last of our products, besides, we also wrap every last of our products with art paper.
  3. Aliwigs offers worldwide shipping, even the gift is for an abroad friend, you can simply put your friends address in the shipping form, and we would send the gift to him or her.
  4. Aliwigs offers other custom services, whether you want a gift card or a message included in the gift, we would do that for you.

IF you are considering sending wigs, hair extensions, and lace closures as gift for friends, family members or relatives, visit

Aliwigs Reviews

Aliwigs has been running for nearly two months, here I would like to share some customers’ reviews with you and see how they think of aliwigs.
1. Laura, US, order number:10000153

Review: My wig arrived today, when the mail man pass the package to me, I never thought this is the wig I bought, cause the Box is so cute and neat, I thought it might be a gift from a friend, when I open it, it is my wig bought 8 days ago, I do not expect it would come to me so soon, cause even the store says it need like more than 2 weeks, I checked the packaging again and found the logo aliwigs on it, then I realize it is really my wig bought off aliwigs 8 days ago, it is a great surprise for me, and I tried the wig, it fit me well and there is no problem with the color too, just so happy with this purchase, and I determine give u a good feedback here.

2. Skakno, UK, Order number:10000007

the wig is absolutely as the picture and no shedding at all, it is true to length, no cheating, and the packaging is so cute, they absolutely treat my wig very good,

3. Helen, Germany, Order number:1000098
You don’t even to style it, it came like the picture, I am so pleased with my shopping, the package is nice, like it too.

4. Andrea, Canada, order number:1000090
The wig came quickly and it was just as shown in the picture. Plus, seller even sent two eyebrows for free, your company has no problem at all.

5.Tamy, US, order number:10000111
When I received this wig, it seemed a little shaggy. It needs extra care, especially for synthetic hair wig. As a whole, the wig is good.

6.Sadat, Nigeria, order number:10000155
It is not thickish but I am still very happy with your wig, it looks nice and feels soft, besides, I like your packaging alot, I use wigs for many years, believe me, you have the best shipping box, thanks aliwigs

7.Alexandra, Uk, order number:10000083
The hair on the wig looks very real, the packaging is amazing, I never expect so nice a packaging would applied on a $48 wig, you really surprised me, so I give you a 5 star in return.

8.Jada, US, order number:10000119
It is truly fine. Just dealt with scams before and it seemed as such for a moment. Thankyou for being so cooperative and for such great service overall!

9.Mary, Netherland, order number:10000127
The package arrives today, thw wigs is in a very nice box which is a plus, while the wig is not very thickish as the picture shows, but I am still happy with it, considering the price, I give you a 5 star

10.Malik, Uk, order number:10000127

I recieved the products yesterday, the quality is good and the packaging is amazing, I am so satisfied wih u .

Aboves are the reviews I randomly picked from our website, these are all real customer reviews, and aliwigs dedicated to offer good quality wigs for worlwide customer and ready to be rated and reviews by all of our customers worldwide. any unhappy customer with aliwigs, you can comment under this aliwigs reviews blog and tell all the potential customers you shopping experience, we are confindent in our products and our customers.